4th International Symposium on
Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources


September 3-7, 2017 –  Giessen, Germany

Leading international personalities from the field of crop genomics and plant genetic diveristy will enriched the GPGR4 programme with impulse presentations and theme keynotes. Spanning a broad range of crop species and methods, the programme covered the latest advances in genomics for conservation, characterisation and implementtion of plant genetic resources for sustainable crop improvement.


Marie Haga
Executive Director,
Global Crop Diversity Trust
Jiajang Li
Former Vice-Minister of Agriculture of China, former President of CAAS
Richard Visser
Wageningen University, Netherlands
Jianming Yu
Iowa State University, USA
Sarah Hearne
CIMMYT, Mexico
Nils Stein
IPK Gatersleben, Germany
Damaris Odeny
Nathan Springer
University of Minnesota, USA
Ian Godwin
University of Queensland, Australia
Beat Keller
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Emma Mace
Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Australia
Michele Morgante
University of Udine, Italy
David Jordan
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Australia
Nicolas Roux
Bioversity International, France
Roland Pieruschka
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
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4th International Symposium on Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources

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